Portrait of Karen Easterbrook

Karen Easterbrook

Principal Lead Program Manager


I am a Principal Lead Program Manager in the Security and Cryptography team in Microsoft Research.  I have been in applied research teams in Microsoft for over 12 years, first on the “Venice” Mesh Networking incubation, then a hardware project, and for the last 10 years, a variety of security and cryptography projects including searchable encryption, homomorphic encryption, a variety of ECC projects, and post-quantum cryptography.

Prior to joining MSR, I worked on visualization and management tools and infrastructure for IT in Visio and Windows.  I’ve shipped 10 products as a PM or Lead PM, including some interesting work in TCP/IP network discovery, agent-less management of distributed systems, and multi-layered network and distributed systems visualization.  My career started in IT, where I worked for 13 years designing and managing networks and distributed systems, including 4 years at Boeing as an Architect on the 777 program.

I have a B.A. in History from Stanford University.


Lattice Cryptography Library

Established: April 19, 2016

LatticeCrypto is a high-performance and portable software library that implements lattice-based cryptographic algorithms. The first release of the library provides an implementation of lattice-based key exchange with security based on the Ring Learning With Errors (R-LWE) problem using new algorithms…

SIDH Library

Established: April 16, 2016

SIDH (Supersingular Isogeny Diffie Hellman) Library is a fast and portable software library that implements a new suite of algorithms for supersingular isogeny Diffie-Hellman key exchange [1]. The chosen parameters aim to provide 128 bits of security against attackers running a…


Established: August 26, 2015

FourQlib is an efficient and portable math library that provides functions for computing essential elliptic curve operations on a new, high-performance curve called "FourQ". This curve targets the 128-bit security level and supports computations that are significantly faster than any…

MSR Elliptic Curve Cryptography Library

Established: June 27, 2014

MSR ECCLib is an efficient cryptography library that provides functions for computing essential elliptic curve operations on a new set of high-security curves.  All computations on secret data exhibit regular, constant-time execution, providing protection against timing and cache attacks.  The…