Portrait of Kevin Gao

Kevin Gao

Senior Research Software Development


Kevin Gao is a technology enthusiast specializing in web development, web design, and software architecture with a focus on creating and optimizing viable solutions in various different verticals and enterprises. Prior to joining Microsoft, Kevin was at New York Media contributing to e-commerce and digital media products’ full life cycle development and innovations, such as cross domain authentication, pixel tracking, recommendation and personalization systems. He received a B.E. in Software Engineering from Shandong University and a M.S. in Data Science from Columbia University. Kevin was awarded the Microsoft Research Asia “Microsoft Project Practice” Award for Air Motion Boss System in 2008.

At Microsoft Research NYC, he works with the computational social science team, aiming to architect and implement a distributed, web-based platform for conducting human subjects’ experiments. He loves to build more open-source software and support its use across the research community both inside and outside of Microsoft.