Portrait of Kevin Kane

Kevin Kane

Principal Software Development Engineer


I am an applied researcher and developer in the Security and Cryptography team.  My role, much like my group, spans the space between pure research and pure development, giving my job aspects of both.  In my group, we work on new and novel security methods in operating systems, virtualization architectures, and cloud computing platforms.

My research interests are in security generally, in that I find all areas of security interesting, though most of my work is in distributed systems/network security, and protocol design (generally in support of secure network interactions). Previously, I did some work on high-assurance cloud computing, enhancing the security guarantees that can be provided in the cloud and hosted data center environment.

More recently my interests have moved more client-side as I have been looking into issues on mobile devices, primarily in the areas of their viability as credential storage and usage devices, such as currently being done with mobile wallet initiatives, through the use of technologies like NFC, Secure Elements, and Trusted Platform Modules.  Unlike various passive card-type credentials, mobile devices have real computational capability, which opens up interesting possibilities for their use.  I’m also keenly interested in privacy issues on the mobile platform, though I haven’t been working in this particular area recently.

I completed my B.S. with Honors at the University of Maryland in May of 2000, and my M.S. and Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin in December of 2005 and 2006, respectively.  My thesis dealt focused on theoretical and experimental methods of access control in distributed systems.  I joined Microsoft in January of 2007 as a developer in CSRO Incubations, which was moved into Microsoft Research and the newly-created eXtreme Computing Group in June of 2009. We then moved into the MSR Technologies lab in February of 2014.



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