Portrait of Knut Magne Risvik

Knut Magne Risvik

Distinguished Engineer


Dr. Risvik is a Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft, driving the overall architecture for the infrastructure of the Bing search engine. During his 12 years in Microsoft, Risvik also was the founding architect for Azure Data Lake, and in Microsoft Research he incubated a disruptive graph database that is now powering several Microsoft services. His work in Microsoft has been published at SIGMOD, WSDM and includes more than a dozen patents of distributed systems and search technology.

Since the late 1990s, Risvik has been one of the engineering pioneers in search engines. Being a co-founder and chief architect of European start-up FAST, he designed and lead the implementation of a large-scale distributed search system. Risvik also served as Chief Architect at Yahoo and was an engineering director for five years in Google; driving teams working on on core search, MapReduce and classification systems. Dr. Risvik has had a impact of shaping the infrastructure of the biggest technology companies today, and making distributed systems way more useful for search and other applications. He has a PhD in distributed systems.”