I am a researcher at Microsoft Research India and an adjunct professor of computer science at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. My research interests lie in the areas of machine learning, computational advertising and computer vision. I have served as an area chair for machine learning and computer vision conferences such as ACCV, CVPR, ICCV, ICML, ICVGIP, IJCAI and NIPS. Classifiers that I have designed are running live on millions of devices around the world protecting them from viruses and malware. I have been awarded the Microsoft Gold Star award and won the PASCAL VOC Object Detection Challenge. I am also a physicist (BSc St. Stephen's College, David Raja Ram Prize), theoretician (BA Oxford, Rhodes Scholar), engineer (DPhil Oxford, University Scholar) and mathematician (MSRI Berkeley, Post-doctoral Fellow).

I am interested in the following research areas:

Machine learning: Extreme classification, recommender systems, multi-label learning, supervised learning.
Computer vision:…






Joining my group: I am looking for full time PhD students at IIT Delhi and Research Fellows at Microsoft Research India to work with me on research problems in supervised machine learning, extreme classification, recommender systems and resource constrained machine learning for the Internet of Things. Please e-mail your CV to me directly in addition to formally applying to IIT/Microsoft’s programmes. IIT offers PhD Fellowships in collaboration with Microsoft and many other labs such as Facebook, Google, IBM and TCS. Please look at the CSE and SIT Departments’ web pages for more details and other funding opportunities.

Projects: Unfortunately, I am unable to supervise projects of students outside IIT Delhi. If you are an external student and would like to work with me then the best way would be to join IIT Delhi’s PhD programmes or apply for a Research Fellowship at MSR India.

Internships: If you are a PhD student looking to do an internship with me then please e-mail me directly. I have only one or two internship slots and competition is stiff so please apply early. Please do not apply to me or e-mail me about internships if you are not a PhD student as I will not be able to respond to you.

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