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Melissa Chase


Other Activities

Program Committees

I am on the following program committees:

Please send good papers, and come and enjoy the conferences!


I have worked with the following great interns:

  • Oxana Poburinnaya (Boston U), Spring 2018
  • Peihan Miao (Berkeley), Summer 2017
  • Peter Rindal (OSU), Summer 2016 (co-mentored)
  • Shashank Agrawal (UIUC), Summer 2014, Spring 2016
  • Chaya Ganesh (NYU), Summer 2015
  • Foteini Baldimtsi (Brown), Fall 2013
  • Sarah Meiklejohn (UCSD), Summer 2011, Summer 2013
  • Feng-Hao Liu (Brown), Summer 2012
  • Nishanth Chandran (UCLA), Summer 2010
  • Emily Shen (MIT), Summer 2010
  • Adam O’Neill (Georgia Tech), Summer 2009
  • Sherman Chow (NYU), Summer 2008 (co-mentored with Kristin Lauter and Seny Kamara)

If you are interested in an internship with the Cryptography Group, upload an application here, and send an email to me or one of the other group members. Also see Seny Kamara’s blog post on internships at MSR.


In the fall semester of ’09 I taught a course at the University of Washington: CSE 599B Cryptography. See http://www.cs.washington.edu/education/courses/cse599b/09au/ for more information.