Portrait of Michel Naim Gerguis

Michel Naim Gerguis

Research Software Development Engineer II


Michel Naim Gerguis is a Research Software Development Engineer II (RSDE II) in Advanced Technology Lab in Cairo, Egypt (ATLC).

Michel was graduated from Ain-Shams University, Egypt on July 2012. Before joining ATLC as a CSG on Jan 2013, Michel worked as an FTE Quality Assurance Engineer in Mentor Graphics Egypt. On Apr 2015, Michel was converted to an FTE as a Research Software Development Engineer, then, promoted to RSDE II on Aug 2016.

In the mean time, Michel started his MCs in Ain-Shams University, Egypt on Sep 2012. Michel focused on information extraction from free text. First, Michel built a fine-grained entity classification framework out of Wikipedia pages accepting few training positive examples down to 50. Then, Michel competed in the Twitter fine-grained NER shared task in WNUT at COLING 2016 to deliver a system which was ranked in the 5th place out of 10 participants. Michel, also, developed an analytics framework to generate timelines and heatmaps out of Wikipedia pages. Finally, the entity classification framework was extended to be language independent and on top of it, a generic multilingual topic modelling component and a generic multilingual NER were built. Michel is about to finish his MCs on Jan 2017.