Portrait of P. Anandan

P. Anandan

Emeritus Researcher


A renowned researcher in computer vision and artificial intelligence, Anandan’s career spans over 30 years in academia and industry in the US and in India. Padmanabhan Anandan is the CEO of Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and independent not-for-profit Research Institute focused on developing AI based applications for Social Good and prior to that he was Vice President for Research at Adobe Systems.  Anandan started his career at Microsoft as a principal researcher and head of the Interactive Visual Media Research group in Redmond, WA, in 1997. He then moved on to launch Microsoft Research India in December 2004 and became the managing director through 2014. He decided to return to Redmond in 2014 to lead the academic outreach group until 2016. Prior to Microsoft he was professor of AI at Yale University. He is a distinguished alumnus of IIT Madras, and the University of Massachusetts, and a member of Board of Governors of IIT Madras.