Portrait de Pantazis Deligiannis

Pantazis Deligiannis

Senior Research Software Engineer


I am working at the intersection of programming languages, software reliability and (distributed) systems, and more specifically on designing new programming languages, models and frameworks for building reliable and fault-tolerant asynchronous distributed systems and services.

I am the co-creator and lead engineer of P#, an asynchronous programming language for designing, implementing and thoroughly testing distributed systems and microservices. P# is currently used in production by several Microsoft Azure engineering teams.

During my time at Microsoft, I have also worked on several other programming-language related projects, including Project Snowflake (safe manual memory management for .NET), a TypeScript-based formula evaluation engine for Excel Online, and a prototype stack for private AI.

Prior to working at Microsoft, I studied for a PhD in Computing at Imperial College London, where I was advised by Alastair F. Donaldson. My PhD research focused on scalable techniques for automatically analyzing and testing real-world asynchronous software systems. During my PhD, I did three research internships at Microsoft Research (Redmond and India).

My personal website (which is more complete) can be found here.



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