Portrait of Pantazis Deligiannis

Pantazis Deligiannis

Research Software Engineer


I am a Research Software Development Engineer (RSDE) in the Programming Principles and Tools group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. I am working at the intersection of programming languages and machine learning. I am also working on Project Snowflake, which is an extension of the .NET runtime for safe manual memory management.

I did my PhD at Imperial College London, where I was advised by Alastair F. Donaldson. My PhD research was on scalable techniques for automatically analysing and testing real-world asynchronous software systems. For my PhD thesis, I co-created P#, an asynchronous event-driven programming framework that comes with built-in static analysis and controlled testing capabilities. P# is now used inside by engineers in Microsoft to design, implement and thoroughly test distributed systems and services for Azure.