Portrait of Pratik Ghosh

Pratik Ghosh

Senior Designer


I work as a Designer in the Healthcare Intelligence team and I am also a part of the Human Experience & Design group at Microsoft Research, Cambridge.

The Healthcare industry is at a crossroads. With a growing population of people requiring medical care combined with demands for operational efficiency, the stress on healthcare systems is enormous. In light of this, recent advances in AI and Machine Learning are being turned to as a potential way of reimagining how healthcare is delivered with the hope of improved outcomes for patients and more sustainable models for healthcare providers. From clinical decision support systems situated in hospitals to home-based self-care tools for patients, there is a multitude of opportunities for ML. In order to realise the potential that these opportunities offer and ensure that real needs are met, there is a necessity to bridge the gap between technology and those who are using it. That is, we need to take a human-centred approach to the development of ML technologies and systems that solve important unmet healthcare needs. My primary role at MSR is to apply human-centred tools and techniques within various domains of healthcare, ultimately building Machine Learning systems which people can use and trust.

I have a background in Design Engineering. I have an MA from the Royal College of Art and an MSc from the Imperial College, London.

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