Portrait of Qingwei Lin

Qingwei Lin

Sr. Principal Research Manager


Qingwei Lin is a Sr. Principal Research Manager in the DKI (Data, Knowledge, Intelligence) area of Microsoft Research Asia. He is leading a team of researchers working on data-driven technologies for cloud intelligence, with innovations in machine learning and data mining algorithms. In cloud intelligence area, Qingwei has multiple publications in the conferences of AAAI, IJCAI, SigKDD, WWW, ICSE, FSE, ASE, OSDI, NSDI, USENIX ATC, etc. The research technologies have been transferred into multiple Microsoft product divisions, such as Microsoft Azure, Office365, Windows, Bing, etc. Qingwei hosted Microsoft company-wide “Cloud Service Intelligence Summit” as the Chair for 4 consecutive years. He joined Microsoft Research in 2006.

His recent publications: