Portrait of Rich Draves

Rich Draves

Partner Architect


After many years in MSR, I recently joined the Big Data team in the Data Platforms Group (DPG) of the Cloud and Enterprise (C&E) division. I am working to understand and improve the performance of Cosmos, Microsoft’s internal big data analytics platform.

I worked on the FDS system, helping break the MinuteSort benchmark world record.

I organized a Festschrift for Rick Rashid.

I built a mesh networking implementation.

I built a prototype implementation of IPv6 (opens in new tab) for Windows NT.  This evolved into the IPv6 stack shipped in Windows XP and CE, and then directly influenced Vista’s rewritten networking stack.

I worked on Rialto, a small real-time operating system for consumer devices. Rialto was used in Microsoft’s ITV trial with NTT in Yokosuka Japan. The Tiger multimedia file-system ran on the servers used in the trial.

In grad school, I worked on the Mach operating system. The code I wrote then is shipping today deep inside Apple’s OS X operating system.