Portrait of Sanjeev Mehrotra

Sanjeev Mehrotra

Software Architect


Sanjeev Mehrotra is a Principal Software Architect in the Cloud Computing and Storage (CCS) group in Microsoft Research.  Prior to joining Microsoft Research, he was the development manager of the Audio Codecs and DSP group in the Core Media Processing Technology team at Microsoft which did the work on all the audio and speech codecs and audio processing technology shipped in various products such as Windows, Office Communicator, Windows Mobile, Xbox, and Zune.  Before that, he was the development lead for the Windows Media Audio codec and prior to that he was a developer performing research on various audio/video/screen codec and processing technology.

He is the primary inventor of version 2 of the Windows Media Screen codec and the primary inventor and developer of the low bitrate extensions to the Windows Media Audio Professional (WMA Pro) audio codec which is amongst the best sounding audio codecs even at very low bitrates.  It was chosen as the codec for use when downloading music directly to cell phones by Verizon’s V CAST Music Service, which was one of the first such deployments.  He has also shipped numerous technologies related to media processing, media delivery, and error correction codes. He and his team also invented and developed the first prototype version of the adaptive streaming technology which eventually became Microsoft’s IIS Smooth Streaming.  He has also contributed technologies being used in the current H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video codec standard.  Since joining MSR, he has architected and designed (jointly with the remote desktop team) the RemoteFX UDP transport protocol used in remote desktop which will ship with Windows 8.  He has also worked with Lync in designing a better bandwidth management solution.

He received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1996 and 2000 respectively.  In 1996, he joined in the formation of a startup company, VXtreme, a pioneering company in streaming media, where he worked on researching and developing video codecs.  VXtreme was acquired by Microsoft in 1997.

Sanjeev is an author on about 25 publications and is an inventor on close to 70 US patent applications out of which more than 25 have been granted.  He was awarded the Microsoft Gold Star Award for his contributions to the WMA Pro codec low bitrate extensions.

His current research interests are in media compression and processing, delivery, communications, and coding, as well as networking protocols for delay sensitive interactive media and software applications.