Portrait of Shruti Tople

Shruti Tople

Senior Researcher


I am a senior researcher working in the Confidential Computing group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. My research interests broadly include security and privacy in cloud computing, machine learning algorithms, blockchains and trusted hardware techniques. Specifically, my current research aims at quantifying information leakage via adversarial attacks in state-of-the-art deep neural networks as well as evaluating their robustness properties. I am interested in designing algorithmic and system-level solutions that defend against these ML attacks while preserving utility of the model. At present, I am working on topics that include collaborative learning, differential privacy, causal learning, transfer learning as well as natural language models.

Prior to joining Microsoft, I pursued my Ph.D from School of Computing at National University of Singapore where I received the Dean’s Graduate Research Excellence award. At NUS, I was fortunate to be advised by Prateek Saxena and worked with Zhenkai Liang and Reza Shokri.