Portrait of Sarah Bird

Sarah Bird

Principal Program Manager,
Responsible AI Lead,
Emerging Technology and Research Strategy Lead,
Azure AI


Sarah’s work focuses on research and emerging technology for AI products in Azure.  Sarah works to accelerate the adoption and positive impact of AI by bringing together the latest innovations in research with the best of open source and product expertise to create new tools and technologies.

Sarah leads the responsible and ethical development of the Azure AI Cognitive Services. As an expert in responsible AI implementation, she contributes to the development and adoption of responsible AI principles, best practices, and technologies company-wide.  Sarah led the product development of responsible AI tools including Fairlearn, SmartNoise and InterpretML. She is an active member of the Microsoft AETHER committee and contributed to the creation of the Microsoft Responsible AI Standard. Sarah was one of the founding researchers in the Microsoft FATE research group.

Sarah is active contributor to the open source ecosystem, she co-founded ONNX, Fairlearn and OpenDP’s SmartNoise and was a leader in the Pytorch 1.0 and InterpretML projects. She was an early member of the machine learning systems research community and has been active in growing and forming the community. She co-founded the MLSys research conference and the Learning Systems workshops. She has a Ph.D. in computer science from UC Berkeley advised by Dave Patterson, Krste Asanovic, and Burton Smith.