Portrait of Tanuja Ganu

Tanuja Ganu

Principal Research SDE Manager


Hello! I am a Research SDE Manager at Microsoft Research, India. I’m currently part of MSR’s new center for Societal impact through Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (SCAI).
SCAI focuses on creating, nurturing and deploying technologies that will have large
scale impact on society.

Prior to joining MSR, I was the Co-Founder and CTO of DataGlen Technologies,
a B2B startup that focuses on energy assets monitoring and optimisation, and rapid
adaption of distributed and renewable energy resources using IoT  and Machine Learning

Prior to this, I have worked as Researcher at IBM Research, India. At IBM, my
work was focused on developing low cost innovative solutions to address energy
shortage and peak demand problems that are applicable for developing as well as
developed countries.

I completed my MS in Computer Science (Machine Learning) from Indian Institute of Science (IISc, Bangalore).