Portrait of Yongqiang Xiong

Yongqiang Xiong

Wireless and Networking Group, Microsoft Research Asia


Dr. Xiong is now with Wireless and Networking Group at Microsoft Research Asia as a researcher. Dr. Xiong received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D degrees from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China in 1996, 1998 and 2001, respectively, all in computer science. His research interests include peer-to-peer networking, routing protocols for both MANETs and overlay networks, and network security. He has published over 30 papers, and served as TPC member or reviewers for the international key conferences and leading journals in the areas of wireless and networking. Dr. Xiong is member of IEEE.

Dr. Xiong has been working on the routing protocols for a while, originally he worked on Internet routing protocols, after that, he turned to mobile ad hoc networks and peer-to-peer networks, which are both similarly end system based networks. He is now focusing on peer-to-peer streaming systems, especially on the architecture design, optimal scheduling problem, overlay construction to improve resilience and performance, diagnosis, as well as its security problem such as handing the DoS attacks to p2p streaming systems. He is also interested in building wireless networking systems, doing measurement and security related research.



Current Projects

Peer-to-Peer Overlay Optimization

This project aims to improve the performance of peer-to-peer based content delivery, especially for p2p streaming and video on demand (VoD). It leverages several mechanisms, namely cache aware overlay construction (HPTP) to improve the throughput and response time, practical network coordinates sytem (whereis) to make the overlay more locality friendly, and COO for cross overlay optimization. The PIs for this projects are Guobin(Jacky) Shen and Yongqiang Xiong. ¡¡

Professional Services

  • TPC Members IEEE ICME 2006, ChinaCOM 2006, ENGI 2006, WMSN 2006, QShine 2005, ICME 2005, ICCCAS 2005, WirelessCom 2005
  • Reviewer for conferences including sigcomm, InfoCOM, ICC, Globecom, ICNP, QShine,
  • Reviewer for transaction/journals including ToMC, CSVT, ToM


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