Portrait of Zhihua Lai

Zhihua Lai

Senior Software Engineer (PhD)



I am currently a Senior Software Engineer in Azure for Operators (Cambridge, UK).

My research interests are Computer Algorithms (e.g. Cloud, Blockchain) and Wireless Propagation/Channel Modelling. I have quite a few patents on intelligent radiowave propagation algorithms.

At 2006, I completed my BSc (Hons, First Class) in Computer Science in University of Bedfordshire.  and then with a Fee Waiver Scholarship I started pursuing my PhD research.

In 2009, I obtained the Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Scholarship and I joined EIA-FR Grid Group, Switzerland as a Research Associate where developed parallel and distributed radiowave propagation algorithms via POP-C+ (Parallel Object Oriented Programming C++)

And at the age of 25, I obtained my doctorate degree at Wireless Propagation Modelling University of Bedfordshire. My thesis is “The development of an intelligent ray launching algorithm for wireless network planning”.

Upon PhD Completion, I worked for a wireless startup software company where I have designed and implemented the cutting-edge Intelligent Radiowave Propagation Engine that was pushed to its limits by using Win32 inline Assembly in the core.

From 2013 to 2015, I joined University of Sheffield (Electronic and Electrical Engineering Group) as a Marie Curie Experienced Researcher where I worked on the software tools (e.g. high frequency ray tracing tools) for wireless and energy efficient buildings.

I published a few conference and journal papers on Radiowave Propagation Modelling.

In 2018, I joined General Electric (GE Smallworld) where I have added the _while loop, regular expression, http library, jwt APIs and many other features to the Magik compiler.

In 2020, I joined Amazon (AWS) where I have contributed to development of several large scale distributed applications in the domain of AWS (Amazon Web Services). I have worked from Day 1 at S3 Object Lambda and witnessed the successful launch of it (18/March/2021).

In High School (2002) [Xiamen University Affiliated Keji High School], I have won the third prize on NOI programming contest i.e. National Olympic Informatics.

NOI Third Prize (Zhihua Lai)

At my spare time, I contribute to open source projects such as Tron Blockchain (java-tron), Ledger Wallet (app-tron C) and Steem Blockchain (steemd C++).

I develop and maintain online tools/APIs for fun such as Weibo API, VPS Database and File Merger.

I write blogs and share my knowledge on HelloACM.com, CodingForSpeed.com and JustYY (A Chinese Blog).

I teach my sons and wife programming (almost every day) and here is my youtube channel and list of videos.

Currently, I am a TOP 5/100 Witness (Block Producer) of the Steem Blockchain. I am beknown for the contributions (infrastructure, tools, API and services) to the Steem Blockchain.

My favorite programming language is VBScript and my favorite cipher algorithm is rot47.

You can view my latest updates at zhihua-lai.com and codingnbb.com for more updates.