Established: May 1, 2014

99DOTS: Using Mobile Phones to Ensure Complete Recovery from TuberculosisLow-cost medication adherence and monitoring

99DOTS is a technology-enabled project focusing on medication adherence for anti-Tuberculosis drugs. Treatment programs wrap each anti-TB blister pack in a custom envelope, which hides phone numbers behind the medication. Patients can only see these hidden numbers after dispensing their pills. After taking daily medication, patients make a free call to the hidden phone number. The combination of the call and patient’s caller ID yields high confidence that the dose was “in-hand” and they took the dose.

Patients receive a series of daily reminders (via SMS and automated calls). Missed doses trigger SMS notifications to care providers, who follow up with personal, phone-based counseling. Real-time adherence reports are also available on the web.

Currently, patients are using 99DOTS in both public and private sectors across India, and with a smaller subset of patients in Myanmar. These deployments span across urban and rural sites across the country, and demonstrate the feasibility of using 99DOTS in different environments, highlighting opportunities and challenges unique to each locality.

For a real time view of our progress and more information about the project, visit our partner portal at http://99dots.org (opens in new tab)