AI education hub

In recent years, demand for artificial intelligence (AI) talent has experienced explosive growth in China. China’s biggest tech companies are making significant R&D investments in AI. Excellent AI talent, will become the core competitiveness of many enterprises, learning AI, will also be the most worthy of the direction of investment for the vast number of AI learners.


How to learn AI knowledge and skills efficiently? How to move quickly from theory to the hands-on stage? Where to find structured information in this ever-changing landscape? Where can get expert guidance to help? are there new ways to learn AI while the paradigm of programming is shifting?


Microsoft Research Asia is launching AI education community (opens in new tab) which will give you answers to all these questions. The community is based on GitHub, founded by the Microsoft Research Asia AI Education team, under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, relying on a new generation of AI open scientific research education Platform, with the strong support from MSRA R&D team and university relationship team.


With the open learning circle of “learning, practicing, sharing, iteration”, this is a vibrant community build up for students, IT professionals, and teachers, who want to learn, apply, and teach AI techniques with the goal of solving real-world problems. This community has the following characteristics:

–        A first-class, high-quality AI learning resource Hub

–        An evolving eco-system for AI education

–        An interactive platform to learn and contribute together


The free, rich online AI education and learning resource provides a community-based approach to AI education and learning, this AI education community aims to adhere to the Microsoft mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.