Python Tutor

AI for Programming Education

About 80% of minority students in the US alone drop out of their introductory classes. When learners get stuck, they leave. This leads to a smaller and less diverse workforce. By supporting learners as they start their journey with the content, curricula, tools, and support they need, we can build mindshare for this audience and contribute to the CS Education market. Our goal is to build a personalized and autonomous intelligent teaching assistant (an AI Tutor) for programming education, enabling on-demand education. A personalized AI tutor has the potential to adapt to each student’s level of knowledge, speed of learning, and desired goals so they are getting the most out of their education. A completely autonomous AI tutor can be available 24/7, eliminating student frustration coming from getting stuck and not having help. It can support online teaching, which is important for building equity where opportunities for live interaction may be limited. In summary, the AI tutor will empower students, instructors, and institutions alike.