BlueMonarch: A System for Evaluating Bluetooth Applications in the Wild

Established: August 17, 2010

BlueMonarch is a system for evaluating Bluetooth applications in the wild. BlueMonarch emulates a Bluetooth transfer to any device responding to Bluetooth Service Discovery requests; because many cell-phones, laptops, and PDAs in the wild respond to such probes, BlueMonarch enables quick prototyping of Bluetooth applications in the wild, to hundreds of unmodified Bluetooth devices.

This functionality makes BlueMonarch useful for evaluating a large class of Bluetooth applications, those in which a local server under the experimenter’s control sends data to any remote device answering Bluetooth inquiries. By requiring control of just one device of the two end points of a Bluetooth link, BlueMonarch enables evaluations of Bluetooth applications to tens or even hundreds of Bluetooth devices.

BlueMonarch’s measurement technique is inspired by Monarch, a tool for emulating TCP transfers to Internet hosts.

To download the source code or for installation instructions, please visit the BlueMonarch project page hosted at the University of Toronto.



Portrait of Alec Wolman

Alec Wolman

Senior Principal Research Manager

Portrait of Stefan Saroiu

Stefan Saroiu

Senior Principal Researcher