Codename 4×4

Established: September 4, 2014

Codename 4×4 originated in a very simple question: How do we enable any device manufacturer–regardless of their skillset or price target–to create highly-secured, trustworthy, internet-connected devices?

Following this question led us to explore the limitations and possibilities of microcontrollers (MCUs) and their operating systems. It led us to question what properties are required of a high-secured, internet-connected device. It led us to explore how hardware, software, and cloud services work together to create and maintain highly-secured devices.

Codename 4×4 led to Project Sopris and to Azure Sphere.



Portrait of Galen Hunt

Galen Hunt

Distinguished Engineer, Azure Sphere

Portrait of George Letey

George Letey

Senior Architect

Portrait of James Scott

James Scott

Principal Program Manager

Portrait of Steve Hodges

Steve Hodges

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Ken Woodberry

Ken Woodberry

Principal Software Engineering Lead, Azure Sphere