Colla: a Digital Collaborator Seeker

Established: March 1, 2016

Colla, abbreviation of “Collaboration Bot”, is a bot who can help people collaborate with their colleagues in a more convenient way. Colla could find the right person with a particular expertise and arrange online discussions among users. In a corporation, Colla could facilitate collaboration, especially among different groups, and improve work efficiency and productivity.

Colla includes three core components – user profiling, expert finding and online meeting.

  • For user profiling, Colla uses both implicit (project, publication, homepage, LinkedIn page, etc.) and explicit (user id, keywords, etc..) information.
  • By leveraging the power of Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), Colla extracts correct keywords of potential collaborators and finds experts matching user profiles.
  • Colla will consider the availability of all potential collaboration parties and arrange online meetings to let people get collaborate with each other.

Colla currently supports multiple platforms. If you want to try Colla, please access, and select a channel, say “Hi” to Colla and Colla will start to help you.

Colla on GitHub:


colla1 colla2



Portrait of Xing Xie

Xing Xie

Senior Principal Research Manager