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Project Conversation Learner

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Discover a new way to build and teach conversational interfaces

Project Conversation Learner enables you to build and teach conversational interfaces that learn from example interactions. Unlike traditional approaches, Project Conversation Learner considers the end-to-end context of a dialogue to help improve responses and deliver more compelling user experiences. Spanning a broad set of task-oriented use cases, Project Conversation Learner applies machine learning behind the scenes to create bots and intelligent agents that can help increase user satisfaction and reduce customer service costs.

This approach reduces manual coding of dialogue control logic and enables business owners or domain experts to contribute to a conversational interface without prior machine learning knowledge. Whether it’s deployed as part of a bot, smart device, or intelligent agent, with Project Conversation Learner, you can rapidly create new conversational skills and competencies, quickly improve quality, and deploy them across multiple conversational channels through the Microsoft Bot Framework, or standalone using their own infrastructure.

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