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Data Platforms and Analytics – Internships

MSR Redmond is now accepting applications for 2022 internship roles in the Data Platforms and Analytics Research Area. During the internship you will have the opportunity to work with top researchers and engineers at MSR as well as engineering teams across Microsoft to develop innovative solutions to challenging research problems. Internships are offered in the following two core areas:
Data Systems Research at MSR Redmond focuses on all aspects of large-scale cloud and edge data platforms and services including resource management, storage, caching, query processing, query optimization, security, and privacy. Examples of projects that we are pursuing include reducing the total cost of ownership of systems using techniques such as auto-tuning, query optimization and processing, approximate query processing, applying machine learning to improve system components, and exploiting modern hardware trends to push the envelope of performance, reliability, and cost. Apply for an internship in Data Systems Research.
Data Exploration Research at MSR Redmond focuses on novel ways to accelerate discovering insight from data. We are interested in a variety of topics in this broad area, including techniques to enable self-service data cleaning and transformation at scale, search and discovery of structured data, information extraction, time-series data analytics, and metadata management. Apply for an internship in Data Exploration Research.

Our past research in Data Systems & Data Exploration has been incorporated into Microsoft’s platforms such as SQL Server, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure SQL Database, Orleans, Power BI, Dynamics and Bing. Many of our systems artifacts have been open-sourced and have had broad impact across the industry and academia.  Furthermore, our research has led to influential publications at top conferences such as ACM SIGMOD, VLDB, etc., including multiple best paper awards and test-of-time awards.