Dual Learning

Introduction to Dual Learning
Many AI tasks are emerged in dual forms, e.g., English-to-French translation vs. French-to-English translation, speech recognition vs. text to speech, question answering vs. question generation, and image classification vs. image generation. While structural duality is common in AI, most learning algorithms have not exploited it in learning/inference. We propose a new learning paradigm, dual learning,  which leverages the primal-dual structure of AI tasks to obtain effective feedback or regularization signals to enhance the learning/inference process. Dual learning has been studied in different learning settings, including unsupervised/supervised/semi-supervised/transfer settings, and applied to different applications, including machine translation, sentimental analysis, image classification/generation, question answering/generation …

Tutorial and code
The book on Dual Learning is published by Springer!

Tutorial and code
Tutorial at IJCAI 2019
Tutorial on dual learning at ACML 2018
Dual Supervised Learning for image classification/generation and sentiment analysis, [Code@Github]

Our papers
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