Project EmpowerMD: Medical conversations to medical intelligence

Project EmpowerMD: Medical conversations to medical intelligence




Project EmpowerMD aims to create an AI-powered system to assist physicians

Project EmpowerMD’s Intelligent Scribe Service (ISS) is a learning system on Azure. The ISS ingests and synthesizes physician-patient conversations. It integrates this with information from the patent’s electronic health record (EHR) and generates a medical note.

The Opportunity

EmpowerMD is an ambient clinical intelligence that captures and integrates medical expertise at scale and provides a virtual collaborator to the physician at the point-of-care.

As a patient navigates the health care system, information on the patient’s healthcare journey is captured in the EHR. Originally designed as a tool for enabling better care delivery and patient outcomes, the EHR has also become the focal point for implementation of increasingly complex (and burdensome) regulatory requirements. For every hour spent with patients, physicians spend two additional hours documenting clinical interactions. As a result, the keyboard driven EHR-physician interface is today, a significant bottleneck to physician efficiency, professional satisfaction as well as effective care management.

EmpowerMD builds technologies that are seamless and lets physicians focus on what they do best: taking care of their patients.

Intelligent Scribe Service

EmpowerMD’s pilot effort is the development of an Intelligent Scribe Service (ISS). The ISS is a learning system ingests and synthesizes patient-physician conversations. It integrates this with information from the patent’s EHR and generates a medical note. This allows physicians to spend more face-to-face time with patients, and to use every patient interaction to achieve the best outcomes.

The ISS pipeline utilizes Intelligent cloud services like the Custom Speech Services (CSS) customized for the medical domain. It also uses a rich set of ML algorithms and techniques to tackle complex natural language understanding and natural language generation challenges.

The long-term vision for EmpowerMD is to integrate data from heterogenous sources: IoT, medical devices, genomics, etc. and to provide actionable insights to the patient at point of care. We’re starting with medical conversations and look forward to working with our partners to turn our vision into reality.


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