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Project Event Tracking

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Project Event Tracking is an API designed to help you find events associated with Wikipedia entities. Just start with an entity from Wikipedia, and the API will provide a list of related events organized by time.

New Signal Collection

This API lives on an engine listening to the world and collecting new signals that report events happening on the earth. The engine provides evidences with structural information from different sources, both positive and negative, biased and impartial. Picking all related signals together will help to characterize events happening in the future.

Project Event Tracking

Signal Clustering

After receiving signals collected from the engine, the API applies clustering and groups the signals according to both their content and structural information. That produces “event” which presents by a group of signals from different sources and aspects for further manipulation.

Project Event Tracking

Knowledge Entity Extraction

Along with signal clustering, the API also tries to extract knowledge entities from each signal unit. This procedure recognizes out normalized entities in the signal which distinguishes them even in ambiguous or alternative expressions. That will provide a more accurate brief understanding of signals.

Project Event Tracking


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