Eye Controlled Wheelchair

Established: December 15, 2014

WheelchairSmallWe envision using Eye Gaze technology to bring independent mobility to people living with disabilities who are unable to use a joystick.

This project was initiated during the Summer 2014 Hackathon.  During the Hackathon, Steve Gleason came to campus and challenged us with his vision of ‘until there is a cure for ALS, technology can be the cure’.  He asked us to think on how we could improve three aspects of his life: be independently mobile; more easily talk with his wife; and play with his son.

After the Hackathon was over, the Hackathon team was invited to present their work to Satya Nadella and Peter Lee.  With the support of Satya and Peter, work on the Eye Controlled Wheelchair continues with a goal of putting the technology behind the hack into the hands of people living with disabilities.

For Investigational Use Only. The performance characteristics of this product have not been established.