HydroWear is a knitwear collection created by textile artist Cristina Sirbu, that aims to bring awareness to the importance of hydration through the implementation of technology through an ancient textile creation technique.

It utilizes the tradition of knitwear not only as a durable protective layer and means of aesthetic exploration but also as the actuator of the hydration sensor. The wearer’s decreased levels of hydration instigates a chain reaction that activates the thermochromic pigment embedded silicone coating applied to the woolen knit creating a quiet and slow color transformation.

HydroWear aims to serve both the private and public audience. One garment serves the need for personal hydration sensing allowing the signaling placement and surface area to be more intimate and less visible. The second piece serves not only as a personal indicator but also as a conversation starter. The large and visible surface area of the color changing indicator provides the opportunity to influence not only the wearer’s information of the importance of hydration but also the numerous viewers.