Image Understanding

Established: January 1, 2000

recognitionAt Microsoft Research in Cambridge we are developing new machine vision algorithms for automatic recognition and segmentation of many different object categories. We are interested in both the supervised and unsupervised scenarios.


Research data

Download labelled image databases for supervised learning in the “Downloads” link below. The data provided here may be used freely for research purposes but it cannot be used for commercial purposes.

  • Database of thousands of weakly labelled, high-res images.
  • Pixel-wise labelled image database v1 (240 images, 9 object classes)
  • Pixel-wise labelled image database v2 (591 images, 23 object classes)




Microsoft Research Cambridge Object Recognition Image Database

May 2005

The Microsoft Research Cambridge Object Recognition Image Database contains a set of images (digital photographs) grouped into categories. Its intended use is research, in particular object recognition research.

Size: 187 MB

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December 2, 2008