Microsoft Expressive Pixels

Microsoft Expressive Pixels



Microsoft Expressive PixelsMicrosoft Expressive Pixels is a platform that enables the authoring and rendering of static and animated visualizations on NeoPixel and other addressable LED displays, for Makers and Professionals alike. The Expressive Pixels suite consists of an authoring tool tailored to producing visuals for LED matrixed displays; Firmware and its Opened Source code tailored to run on ARM Cortex M0 and above embedded Arduino platforms; Reference design and schematic for the Expressive Pixel Emoticon LED display hardware; Azure based webservice backend for the sharing and distribution of visualizations in the interested community.

For this demo, we will use the displays as a visual augmentation to the physical instrument output in Microsoft Hands-Free Sound Machine. The custom designed light show will sync with the beat of each percussive instrument, thus creating a visual affordance for each physical instrument.

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