NetMedic: Detailed and Understandable Network Diagnosis

Established: August 19, 2010

NetMedic helps operators perform detailed diagnosis in computer networks. It diagnoses not only generic faults (e.g., performance-related) but also application specfic faults (e.g., error codes). It identifies culprits at a fine granularity such as a process or firewall configuration. Our work focuses on both the algorithmic aspects of detailed diagnosis as well as the important task of explaining diagnostic reasoning to the operator.



Troubleshooting small networks, Jan 2010


Portrait of Victor Bahl

Victor Bahl

Technical Fellow & Chief Technology Officer, Azure for Operators

Portrait of Jitu Padhye

Jitu Padhye

Partner Development Lead

Portrait of Sharad Agarwal

Sharad Agarwal

Senior Principal Researcher

Portrait of Srikanth Kandula

Srikanth Kandula

Partner Researcher