Open Source Software for Social Good

Established: May 1, 2020

In this project, we explore OSS for Social Good (OSS4SG) from the perspective of the builders. We investigate how the scale of project impact can influence how the projects contributors select what to work on, their contribution patterns, and how they contribute to general OSS projects overall.

Here is a quick 10 minute video explaining what we found:


The hallmark paper can be found here:

OSS4SG screenshot of paper title, authors, and snippet of abstract






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Researchers on this project include…


Portrait of Denae Ford Robinson

Denae Ford Robinson

Senior Researcher

Portrait of Tom Zimmermann

Tom Zimmermann

Sr. Principal Researcher


Portrait of Nischal Shrestha

Nischal Shrestha

Former Research Intern

Portrait of Mariam Guizani

Mariam Guizani

Former Research Intern

Portrait of Jenny Liang

Jenny Liang

Former Undergraduate Research Intern

Portrait of Yu Huang

Yu Huang

Former Research Intern

University of Michigan