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How can we develop artificial intelligence that learns to make sense of complex environments? That learns from others, including humans, how to interact with the world? That learns transferable skills throughout its existence, and applies them to solve new, challenging problems?

Project Malmo sets out to address these core research challenges, addressing them by integrating (deep) reinforcement learning, cognitive science, and many ideas from artificial intelligence.

Project malmo

The Malmo platform is a sophisticated AI experimentation platform built on top of Minecraft, and designed to support fundamental research in artificial intelligence.

The Project Malmo platform consists of a mod for the Java version, and code that helps artificial intelligence agents sense and act within the Minecraft environment. The two components can run on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS, and researchers can program their agents in any programming language they’re comfortable with.

Minecraft is ideal for artificial intelligence research for the same reason it is addictively appealing to the millions of fans who enter its virtual world every day. Unlike other computer games, Minecraft offers its users endless possibilities, ranging from simple tasks, like walking around looking for treasure, to complex ones, like building a structure with a group of teammates.

See what’s possible with Project Malmo using Minecraft to build intelligent technology >

Read about our open source release >

Are you interested in accelerating the path of innovation in AI? Then make the Malmo platform your choice.

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MineRL Competition 2020

Round 1 of the MineRL NeurIPS 2020 Competition is now open for submissions! The competition is on sample-efficient reinforcement learning using human priors.

MineRL Competition 2019

Starting June 1st, we are holding a competition on sample-efficient reinforcement learning using human priors. In our competition, participants develop a system to obtain a diamond in Minecraft using only four days of training time.

Malmo Collaborative AI Challenge 2017

The first round of the Malmo Collaborative AI Challenge was to develop and train collaborative AI solutions that learn to achieve high scores across a range of partners.