Project Z-Code

Established: January 1, 2020

Project Z-Code, a part of Azure AI Cognitive Services,  is working within Project Turing  to evolve Microsoft products with the adoption of deep learning pre-trained models. We work  on a holistic representation toward integrative AI: XYZ-Code. XYZ-Code combines three attributes of human cognition: monolingual text (X), audio or visual sensory signals (Y), and multilingual (Z) to create a joint representation enabling more powerful AI applications that can speak, hear, see, and understand humans better. We believe XYZ-code will enable us to fulfill our long-term vision: cross-domain transfer learning, spanning modalities and languages. The goal is to have pretrained models that can jointly learn representations to support a broad range of downstream AI tasks, much in the way humans do today. This can combine representation across languages and across modalities to drive cognitive services.null

ZCode, as the multilingual representation in XYZ-Code, is a general purpose pre-trained Multilingual, Multi-Task Text-to-Text Transformation model. The model is trained on multiple tasks and multiple data sources to empower several production scenario across Microsoft such as Azure Cognitive Services, Teams, Office, Microsoft Translator, and more.

ZCode Multitask learning