Visual Studio Code Tools for AI


Visual Studio Code Tools for AI is an extension to build, test, and deploy Deep Learning / AI solutions. It seamlessly integrates with Azure Machine Learning for robust experimentation capabilities, including but not limited to submitting data preparation and model training jobs transparently to different compute targets. Additionally, it provides support for custom metrics and run history tracking, enabling data science reproducibility and auditing. Enterprise ready collaboration, allow to securely work on project with other people.

Get started with deep learning using Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK), Google TensorFlow, or other deep-learning frameworks today.


  • Develop deep learning and AI solutions across Windows and MacOS

VS Code Tools for AI is a cross-platform extension that supports deep learning frameworks including Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK), Google TensorFlow and more.

Because it’s an IDE we’ve enabled familiar code editor features like syntax highlighting, IntelliSense (auto-completion) and text auto formatting. You can interactively test your deep learning application in your local environment using step-through debugging on local variables and models.

  • Find and share examples via the gallery

Visual Studio Code Tools for AI is integrated with Azure Machine Learning to make it easy to browse through a gallery of sample experiments using CNTK, TensorFlow, MMLSpark and more. This makes it easy to learn and share with others.

  • Scale out deep learning model training and/or inferencing to the cloud

This extension makes it easy to train models on your local computer or you can submit jobs to the cloud by using our integration with Azure Machine Learning. You can submit jobs to different compute targets like Spark clusters, Azure GPU virtual machines and more.

This is a collaborative project of Microsoft Research Asia, STCA , and Azure Machine Learning team.