Automatic Online Evaluation of Intelligent Personal Assistants

  • Jiepu Jiang
  • Rosie Jones
  • Umut Ozertem
  • Imed Zitouni
  • Ranjitha Gurunath Kulkarni
  • Omar Zia Khan

The 24th International World Wide Web Conference (WWWW 2015) |

Published by International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee

Voice-activated intelligent assistants, such as Siri, Google Now, and Cortana, are prevalent on mobile devices. However, it is challenging to evaluate them due to the varied and evolving number of tasks supported, e.g., voice command, web search, and chat. Since each task may have its own procedure and a unique form of correct answers, it is expensive to evaluate each task individually. This paper is the first attempt to solve this challenge. We develop consistent and automatic approaches that can evaluate different tasks in voice-activated intelligent assistants. We use implicit feedback from users to predict whether users are satisfied with the intelligent assistant as well as its components, i.e., speech recognition and intent classification. Using this approach, we can potentially evaluate and compare different tasks within and across intelligent assistants according to the predicted user satisfaction rates. Our approach is characterized by an automatic scheme of categorizing user-system interaction into task-independent dialog actions, e.g., the user is commanding, selecting, or confirming an action. We use the action sequence in a session to predict user satisfaction and the quality of speech recognition and intent classification. We also incorporate other features to further improve our approach, including features derived from previous work on web search satisfaction prediction, and those utilizing acoustic characteristics of voice requests. We evaluate our approach using data collected from a user study. Results show our approach can accurately identify satisfactory and unsatisfactory sessions.