Challenge Problems for Artificial Intelligence

  • Bart Selman
  • Rodney A. Brooks
  • Thomas Dean
  • Tom M. Mitchell
  • Nils J. Nilsson

Proceedings of AAAI-96, Thirteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Portland, Oregon, August 1996. AAAI Press, Menlo Park, California |

AI textbooks and papers often discuss the big ques-
tions, such as how to reason with uncertainty”, how
to reason e ciently”, or how to improve performance
through learning.” It is more di cult, however, to nd
descriptions of concrete problems or challenges that are
still ambitious and interesting, yet not so open-ended.
The goal of this panel is to formulate a set of such
challenge problems for the eld. Each panelist was
asked to formulate one or more challenges. The em-
phasis is on problems for which there is a good chance
that they will be resolved within the next ve to ten