This research studies robust uncoded video transmission over wireless fast fading channel, where only statistical channel state information (CSI) is available at the sender. We observe that increasing channel diversity for high priority (HP) data is essential to improving the robustness of video transmission in fading channels. By utilizing the noise and loss resilient nature of video, we find it possible to design a more robust system by re-allocating the power and channel uses among HP and LP (low priority) data. With total power and channel use constraints, we derive an optimal resource allocation scheme under the squared error distortion criterion. In particular, we first propose a new power allocation algorithm at given channel allocation. Second, based on the proposed power allocation algorithm, we design a channel allocation algorithm to strike the tradeoff between the diversity increase of HP data and the information loss of LP data. Third, under known noise power distribution, we derive the optimal resource allocation for uncoded video multicast. Simulations show that the proposed system achieves 2dB and 5dB gain in average and outage PSNR over Softcast in video Unicast, and around 1.4dB and 4dB gain in multicast.