SCARF: A Segmental Conditional Random Field Toolkit for Speech Recognition

  • Geoffrey Zweig ,
  • Patrick Nguyen

Published by International Speech Communication Association

This paper describes a new toolkit – SCARF – for doing speech recognition with segmental conditional random fields. It is designed to allow for the integration of numerous, possibly redundant segment level acoustic features, along with a complete language model, in a coherent speech recognition framework. SCARF performs a segmental analysis, where each segment corresponds to a word, thus allowing for the incorporation of acoustic features defined at the phoneme, multi-phone, syllable and word level. SCARF is designed to make it especially convenient to use acoustic detection events as input, such as the detection of energy bursts, phonemes, or other events. Language modeling is done by associating each state in the SCRF with a state in an underlying n-gram language model, and SCARF supports the joint and discriminative training of language model and acoustic model parameters.