Candidate Multilinear Maps


March 27, 2014


Sanjam Garg




I will describe plausible lattice-based constructions with properties that approximate the sought-after multilinear maps in hard-discrete-logarithm groups. These new constructions radically enhance our tool set and open a floodgate of applications. I will present some of these applications. (joint work with Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi)


Sanjam Garg

Sanjam Garg is a Josef Raviv Memorial Postdoctoral Fellow at IBM Research T.J. Watson. His research interests are in Cryptography, Security and more broadly in Theoretical Computer Science. Earlier this year, Sanjam obtained his Ph.D. from UCLA where he was advised by Prof. Rafail Ostrovsky and Prof. Amit Sahai. Sanjam’s PhD thesis provides the first candidate constructions of multilinear maps. Multilinear maps have found extensive applications in cryptography, most notably to software obfuscation. Sanjam has published several papers in top cryptography and security conferences such as Crypto, Eurocrypt, TCC, CCS, and so on.