Data-Intensive Research: Dataset Lifecycle Management for Scientific Workflow, Collaboration, Sharing, and Archiving


October 11, 2010


Alex Wade, Lee Dirks, and Oscar Naim


Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft


Microsoft External Research strongly supports the process of research and its role in the innovation ecosystem, including developing and supporting efforts in open access, open tools, open technology, and interoperability. These projects demonstrate our ongoing work towards producing next-generation documents that increase productivity and empower authors to increase the discoverability and appropriate re-use of their work.

This workshop will provide a deep dive into several freely available tools from Microsoft External Research, and will demonstrate how these can help supplement and enhance current repository offerings. Come learn more about how the Microsoft Research tools can help extend the reach and utility of your repository efforts. Each session will include a hands-on component so that attendees can gain a deeper technical understanding of the available toolset, which includes the following:

Zentity – A research-output repository platform.
Research Information Centre Framework (RIC) – A collaboration space for researchers.
Chemistry Add-in for Word – Makes it easier to insert and modify chemical information, such as labels, formulas, and 2-D depictions, within Microsoft Office Word.