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Fireside chat: Emergent innovation

Have you wondered how to push the limits of your imagination in your research to drive significant and impactful change? In this talk, we are honored to be speaking with Noubar Afeyan, CEO and founder of Flagship Pioneering, a life science bioplatforms firm focused improving the human condition by building companies that transform human health and sustainability. Our guest is a respected entrepreneur, humanitarian, and life sciences leader. Under his leadership and vision, Flagship Pioneering created some of the boldest and most cutting-edge scientific advances in recent history, with platform companies like Flagship-founded Moderna setting the stage for new scientific pursuits into initiatives like preemptive medicine and health security. He will share his perspective on what has inspired him to lead Flagship Pioneering to take a systematic approach in evolving emergent innovative concepts into platforms. He will highlight the mindset and imagination needed to bravely explore and create breakthroughs across uncharted areas in science and health.

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Health & Life Sciences: Discovery
Junaid Bajwa, Noubar Afeyan
Microsoft Research Cambridge, Flagship Pioneering

Health & Life Sciences: Discovery