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Fireside chat: Smart network pipes unleashing new opportunities

Network device programmability and capability are growing rapidly, driven by innovations like programmable data planes and powerful control planes with cost effective ARM cores. This has enabled more extensive packet processing in the networks. Such smart networks are unleashing new opportunities, starting with cloud data center and edge networks. In cloud data center, network processing can offload complex functions like access control, load balancing, encryption, and policy application from the servers to the network, freeing up server capacity to run application code/business logic. On edge networks, particularly 5G, smart networks can provide video compression and detection, alerting, data aggregation and other functions close to data source generation. This eliminates the need to haul the traffic back to the data center and reduces the need to deploy lots of compute capacity at the edge. In this fireside chat, Deepak Bansal will discuss the trend towards smart pipes and the new scenarios it is unleashing.

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The Future of Cloud Networking
Srikanth Kandula, Deepak Bansal
Microsoft Research Redmond, Microsoft