I am a principal researcher at Microsoft Research. My interests are broadly in building and analyzing networked systems. Of late, I have worked on big-data platforms and datacenter networks. I completed my PhD in Computer Science from MIT in 2008.


05/19: Summary of experiences for the samplers and QO rules that we shipped in production big-data clusters.

07/18: Network + job-aware scheduling of cache tiers for data-parallel systems, NetCo, at SoCC. Best paper award.

06/18: Probabilistic predicates at SIGMOD and SIGMOD demo (best demo award). Post on MSR blog.


Current project: Lazy approximations

Past projects: Cluster scheduling, Seawall, Flyways, CloudCmp, Netmedic, Broom, EXpose, VL2, FatVAP, Sherlock, TeXCP, Flare, Kill-Bots




I’ve worked with some amazing interns at MSR.



  • Quickr‘s samplers and QO pushdown rules for samplers ship with ADLA.
  • SWAN‘s traffic engineering + approx fairness logic manages traffic on Microsoft’s inter datacenter WAN.
  • RoPE‘s reoptimization logic ships for SCOPE jobs on Cosmos servers since December 2011.
  • Mantri‘s outlier mitigation logic ships in all Cosmos servers since May 2010. Cosmos is Microsoft’s internal big data service with over 10K machines.
  • Flare: Splitting flowlets over multiple paths. Per Conga, implemented and shipped by Cisco Insieme. Also ships with Windows Server 2012 R2; the details are here.
  • wcAsync: An asynchronous web traffic generator
  • ospfOpt: Finding optimal weights for OSPF traffic engineering
  • Broom: Unbiasing Internet path measurements
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