Portrait of Srikanth Kandula

Srikanth Kandula

Principal Researcher


I am a principal researcher at Microsoft Research. My interests are broadly in building and analyzing networked systems. Of late, I have worked on big-data platforms and datacenter networks. I completed my PhD in Computer Science from MIT in 2008.

Current project: Lazy approximations

Past projects: Cluster scheduling, Seawall, Flyways, CloudCmp, Netmedic, Broom, EXpose, VL2, FatVAP, Sherlock, TeXCP, Flare, Kill-Bots




I’ve worked with some amazing interns at MSR.

Sameer Agarwal (Berkeley), Ganesh Ananthanarayanan (Berkeley), Spandana Babbula (IIT Madras), Ivan Bliznets (Steklov Inst.), Mosharaf Chowdhury (Berkeley), Hossein Falaki (UCLA), Jonas Fietz (EPFL), Robert Grandl (EPFL), Dan Halperin (UW), Chi-Yao Hong (UIUC), Anand Iyer (Berkeley), Virajith Jalaparti (UIUC), Xin Jin (Princeton), Gautam Kumar (Berkeley), Ang Li (Duke), Hyeontaek Lim (CMU), Hongqiang Liu (Yale), Zhicheng Liu (GaTech), Yao Lu (UW), Matthaios Olma (EPFL), Ashish Patro (Wisconsin-Madison), Jonathan Perry (MIT), Qifan Pu (Berkeley), Anil Shanbhag (MIT/ IIT Bombay), Alan Shieh (Cornell), Aleksandar Vitorovic (EPFL).



  • Quickr‘s samplers and QO pushdown rules for samplers ship with ADLA.
  • SWAN‘s traffic engineering + approx fairness logic manages traffic on Microsoft’s inter datacenter WAN.
  • RoPE‘s reoptimization logic ships for SCOPE jobs on Cosmos servers since December 2011.
  • Mantri‘s outlier mitigation logic ships in all Cosmos servers since May 2010. Cosmos is Microsoft’s internal big data service with over 10K machines.
  • Flare: Splitting flowlets over multiple paths. Per Conga, implemented and shipped by Cisco Insieme. Also ships with Windows Server 2012 R2; the details are here.
  • wcAsync: An asynchronous web traffic generator
  • ospfOpt: Finding optimal weights for OSPF traffic engineering
  • Broom: Unbiasing Internet path measurements