Human Computer Interaction Research at Microsoft Research Asia


October 26, 2012


Hong Tan


Microsoft Research Asia


In the Human Computer Interaction group at Microsoft Research Asia, we are conducting cutting-edge research on new interaction technologies and paradigms for the next generation of natural user interfaces, using a wide range of sensors and displays. For example, our researchers and designers have created projected creatures that interact with a user and objects in the environment, phone-based language-learning modules that encourage “micro-learning” on the go, wearable sensors that monitor a user’s daily activities such as eating and laughing, phone-to-phone games for enhanced social interactions, and new platforms for authoring, rehearsing, and delivering presentations. Empowering the user with additional touch-based feedback is a new thrust of our research agenda.

In this keynote presentation at Asia Faculty Summit 2012, Hong Tan, senior researcher at Microsoft Research Asia, showcases human-computer interaction projects at Microsoft Research Asia and provides a glimpse into the future of human-computer interactions.