Inside Windows Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud OS: Cloud Futures Workshop 2011


June 3, 2011


Mark Russinovich


Windows Azure Fabric, Microsoft Corporation


In this keynote talk for the Cloud Futures Workshop 2011, Mark Russinovich presents a tour of Windows Azure, which enables developers to quickly develop elastic, highly available web service applications. Mark explains how Windows Azure implements the foundation for such applications, covering datacenter architecture, cloud OS architecture, and what goes on when Windows Azure deploys a service or a failure occurs. Mark also gives some insight into Windows Azure’s future evolution.


Mark Russinovich

Dr. Mark Russinovich is a Technical Fellow working in the Platform and Services division. Russinovich is a widely recognized expert in Windows operating system internals, and operating architecture and design. His discovery of a rootkit on popular Sony audio CDs led to industry reforms in the area of computer privacy.

Russinovich joined Microsoft when it acquired Winternals Software, the company he cofounded in 1996 and where he worked as Chief Software Architect. He is also cofounder of, where he wrote and published dozens of popular Windows administration and diagnostic utilities including Filemon, Regmon, Process Explorer and RootkitRevealer. He previously worked at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center, researching operating system support for Web server acceleration and serving as an operating systems expert.

Russinovich coauthored “Inside Windows 2000” and “Windows Internals,” both from Microsoft Press, is Senior Contributing Editor for Windows IT Pro Magazine, and has written dozens of articles on Windows internals. He has been a featured speaker at major industry conferences around the world, including Microsoft’s TechEd, IT Forum, Professional Developer’s Conference, Windows Connections, Windev, and TechMentor, and has taught Windows internals, troubleshooting, and file system and device driver development to companies worldwide, including Microsoft, the CIA and the FBI.

Russinovich earned his Ph.D. in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.