New Directions in Computer Science


October 25, 2012


John Hopcroft’s Keynote Speech on the 14th Computing in the 21st Century Conference co-hosted by Microsoft Research Asia, Nankai University and Tianjin University on October 25, 2012.

John Hopcrft:IBM Professor of Engineering and Applied Mathematics, Computer Science Department, Cornell University|
1986 Turing Award Recipient

Abstract:Computer science is undergoing a fundamental change. Over the last 40 years the field was concerned with making computers useful. Focus was on programming languages, compilers, operating systems, data structures and algorithms. These are still important topics but with the merging of computing and communication, the emergence of social networks, and the large amount of information in digital form, focus is shifting to applications such as the structure of networks and extracting information from large data sets. This talk will give a brief vision of the future and then an introduction to the science base that is forming to support these new directions in computer science.